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Essential Oils for a Hangover


should you feel sick after drinking, use any or all of the suggestions below.

To cleanse and balance your system, plus help your emotions, you can take the following steps:

          Put oils on your spine, temples,neck, lymph nodes, your feet - you'll feel so much better in just a few minutes.

  • inhale Peppermint; smell Lavender and put it on your temples and the back of your neck.  Valor is excellent for balancing physical and emotional.
  • If you feel noxious, take 1-3 drops of DiGize or Fennel, or Patochuli in 1/4 glass of water to clear the stomach.  For pain, use 1 drop of Ocotea under the tongue.  
  • to balance your endocrine system. you can put 1 drop of Endoflex on your thymus
  • for emotional issues, choose from the essential oils listed on this  page:

For other tips for safe holidays, follow this link:

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Aromatherapy is great in a number of ways, including recovering from a night out.  Here is recipe for making yourself a relief drink:

What You Will Need:

·         Honey

·         Peppermint Essential Oil

·         Fennel Essential Oil

·         Hot Water

·         Glass

What To Do:
1. Mix into a glass of hot water one tablespoon of honey, 1 drop of peppermint and 1 drop of fennel essential oils.  (Note from Eugeniya - do not put essential oils in hot water, or they’ll simply evaporate! )
2. Drink the mixture slowly.
For a refreshing aromatherapy bath, try using 4 drops of juniper berry, 3 drops of fennel, 3 drops of rosemary essential oils and 3 tablespoons of honey. Soak for half an hour in these relaxing bath. This will make you refreshed and ready to face the day. Note from Eugeniya – mix essential oils with either sea salt or another emulsifier before putting the oils in bath.   Do not put in hot water, or they’ll simply evaporate! 

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Taking essential oils are a powerful way to cure the symptoms of a hangover the morning after. If you feel sick, put a small drop of peppermint oil under your nose. (Note from Eugeniya - that might be too hot and too much - just smell it instead). Taking coriander oil can also help to cure an upset stomach, put two drops on your stomach twice a day (from Eugeniya - same for DiGize, Fennel, or Peppermint.)   Frankincense oil helps to cool the body and can stop the sweats, put one drop on the upper right side of your abdomen, which is where your liver is located. (from Eugeniya - or use Peppermint to cool off, can use Endoflex on thymus to balance your endocrine system, Harmony on your feet and thymus.  To cleanse liver, use JuvaFlex)  Grapefruit or orange essential oil can help lift your spirits. (for other options/emotions, check here).  Put two drops of vetiver essential oil on the top of your head to help you regain focus ((for other options, check here). And lastly, to help cure those brain numbing headaches, place a drop of marjoram essential oil behind your ear. Not only will it help cure the headache but balance your central nervous system as well. (for other headache options, read here.)

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If you would like to order the therapeutic grade essential oils:

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